Monday, August 23, 2010

License To Thrill

What do we have here? A license to thrill. To thrill whom exactly? Me. You. Hopefully a few of my competitors and some spectators along the way.

A year ago the only thing I had a license to do was drive a car and race as an age-grouper. Then probably one of the best things that could have happened to me happened to me: I lost my job. Really, no tears, they did me a favor. The horizon suddenly became very broad - and very inviting. I hopped a flight with The Support Staff for my first real vacation in five years, signed up for my first Ironman and raced it 10 days later, and the rest...opened up more options than I could ever have imagined.

Realistically I'm not going to set the Earth on fire - yet. There are people named Chrissie, Mirinda, and Julie to do that for now. But if I have learned anything during my life, it is that I am capable of many things: to work, to wait, to dream. One of sport's many metaphors is that "training is money in the bank." To clarify, I'm the bank. And while there's money in there already, there's also room for plenty more. I hope existing followers and supporters - or investors to keep the metaphor alive; I'd say believers, but it's not like I'm setting up a new religion or anything...I hate Kool Aid - are excited to come along for the ride, 100% successful or not.  And that new ones can embrace the idea that a little potential, some good old-fashioned hard work, and a healthy dose of sarcasm and laughter can add up to something that is indeed thrilling

Thrill seeking begins August 29 in Louisville...

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Lindsey Jerdonek said...

Hey Kelzie, I'm thrilled that I witnessed your first pro race. You are a TOUGH competitor... looking forward to reading your race report and your next adventures.

Carl appreciated your advice "pick a pace and stick to it" in your last few miles

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