Monday, September 20, 2010


I spent the weekend in western Maryland, in and around Deep Creek Lake State Park (DCL).  The training is tortuous and natural surroundings are beautiful enough to distract from the suffering.  A unique place for a race...more on that in the next post...

Oftentimes visiting a place has benefits that aren't immediately apparent.  At first glance, other than the terrain for training, DCL is a pretty common lake front tourist draw with a ski hill, golf course, and lots of All-American restaurant options in case water sports aren't your thing.  But, oh ho ho, what the locals are hiding from everyone trumps any ski hill that could be built in western Maryland.

I present:
There are actually two locations, hidden inside otherwise unassuming produce-heavy grocery stores.  It is actually ironic: half the store looks like the over-achieving bounty of a rural backyard garden and the other half looks like this:

Hundreds of extremely well organized and labeled bins full of every candy known to man - and many that are known to only a few with very long memories.   And every candy available is available in every flavor and/or color ever made.  All four flavors of Andes Candies and all the colors of Circus Peanuts.  Did you know they make multiple colors of Circus Peanuts?!?!  Or about five flavors of Smarties?

And as the sign says (if you can read it), all candy is $3.59 per pound.  Unlike other bulk candy stores, CandyLand allows you to put any and all candies in the same bag, which creates scenes like this one:
This is not my basket I SWEAR!!!
I talked to one lady and her husband who had four bags going - one for her, one for him, one for the grand kids, and one for the school kids.  It took them a cart to hold it all and they and their cart were not alone in the aisles, not by a long shot.

Oh, the marshmallows.  I dare not forget the marshmallows.  These are not your Mama's Safeway S'more-makers.  Oh no.  These are bags of marshmallows from popular sugared cereals, but without the downside of the boring cereal part.  Think Lucky Charms, think Count Chocula, but with only the marshmallows.  Pure.Genius.  And Very.Inexpensive.

So for a weekend (and every weekend I go to DCL) I'm training to eat.  And because I need all the calories I can get my hands on to power me up those hills, no directions for you!

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