Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shaping Young Minds

Poor young minds.

Think of the profession most diametrically opposed to being an athlete/coach.  Now go 5 degrees further.  That is what I did in my previous career. 

Yes, I worked in politics, more specifically I worked on Capital Hill.  Not a huge stretch for someone living in DC, especially since I moved to DC after college to work on The Hill.  So in that regard, I was quite successful: in five years, I held four different positions (not uncommon; not a black mark on the record) while working my way up The Hill ladder.  Interestingly, working on The Hill is generally acknowledged to be one of the least lucrative jobs in DC...but it is far more lucrative than my current one!

So I played professional adult for a while, wearing suits and reading the newspaper while commuting with the masses, but I had spent college summers in third world countries, working in t-shirts and flip-flops.  In DC, I ran most days, then bought a bike to supplement my feet, and picked up swimming laps during recovery after a marathon back in 2006.  When you start showing up for work in spandex, with your suit in your backpack next to your wet swimsuit and towel, and trade high heels for clogs...the end is nigh.  I loved the people - talking to them and helping them - but I became less and less about the job and the cause and the hours and the weight gain and the always needed-it-five-minutes-ago pace.  Ultimately, politics and The Hill was not for me.

BUT I do know how those who are all about that stuff can get in the door.  And the residents of Teter Hall at IU, where Ma and Pa Support Staff are Floor Fellows to 54 freshman, will be getting a 45 min talk about how to get in that door.  I get to shape the young minds of tomorrow, tonight.

Forget poor young minds.  Poor World.

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