Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And Now For A Different Kind of Race...

Tonight was the DC Drag Race.  An annual rite of Halloween, the Gentleman, Ex-Ladies, and Those Who Have Yet To Make Up Their Minds of the Dupont Circle and LGBT communities gather to strut, pose, and race down a street in elaborate costumes and yes, you guessed it, some of the highest heels that exist on Earth.  And since in six years of living in DC I had yet to attend, of course I took a break from packing and tapering to join the throngs.

The event is pretty simple: the race starts at 9 PM GST.  Racers gather starting two hours in advance to strut and pose down the fashion runway (aka 17th ST NW) for the assembled thousands along the sidewalks.  The crowds are easily 8-12 deep, the bars are overflowing, and the shoes are stupefyingly high.  Costumes range from whatever was in their friends' closets this afternoon to creations designed and constructed for the past 364 days. 'Round about the 9 PM GST hour a whistle blows and suddenly human bodies that are not quite used to teetering and tottering around on 5 inch spikes are hurtling down the street at dangerous speeds.  Add a little creativity, big wigs, a compact or 1,000 of make-up, some jealously-inducing legs, lots of hidden bulges, and you have a normal Tuesday night in your nation's capital!

The scene of the fashion crimes
My neighbor and I...he's normally not that much taller than me
Fire and Ice
Someone clearly didn't get the high heel part of the memo
Someone else didn't want to shave his goatee...
My new swimskin (minus the tear)?

I never said costumes were in good taste
Everyone gets into the spirit
For those people who wanted to be Barbie for Halloween: how about Barbie in the original packaging??

The crowd favorite for (clearly) the most design and construction effort: the Queen of Hearts.

the front
the back
And my favorite picture of the night:

The Ghosts of Drag Races Past

[This is a Jess-approved blog post.]

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