Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Beautiful Snowflake

If there is any consistency in the world of professional athlete blogging, it is these two rules:

1) The longer the time between blog posts, the greater the likelihood the athlete is injured.

2) The athlete will not admit to being injured until they are in traction, down a lot of blood, in a cast, on crutches, missing a limb or any combination of the above.

What can I say?  We are a moody bunch who dislike admitting our fallibility.

I like nothing more than to disprove a few stereotypes and break a few rules occasionally.  I have been posting regularly and mentioned the treatments I've been doing for my knee in those posts.  Ma, look!  No hands!  Woohoo!

But I was also breaking the basic rule: my knee is not injured.  *sigh*

Let's back up for a second.  For a while, let's say hypothetically since May, my right knee has been feeling...weird.  No pain, just...weirdness.  Even from here I can see all the doctors hightailing it in the opposite direction.  Yes, I realize, not much to go on, trained medical professional or no, and not an ideal physical status, professional athlete or no.  But I know my body well enough to know it was something.

I've been through a few periods of physical weirdness - and worse - before so I threw every trick I know at it and then a few I learned from various physical therapists, who mostly thought it was a strength imbalance originating in my hip and prescribed various strength exercises.  Over the months, I became stronger and more balanced - but the knee and it's weirdness remained. 

Some simplified background: your patella (aka knee cap) sits in your patella tendon, which connects down the front of your leg to the bone in your thigh and the bone in lower leg.  Thus as your knee bends and the tendon gets pulled taut(er), your patella tracks on, in between, and along a path naturally shaped into these other leg bones.  The toughest part of this tracking movement is getting up and over the two bulbous parts of your thigh bone.  Just like getting over a fence is easier if you are already straddling the fence, the patella has an easier time to getting up and over the thigh bone if it is already partially over the thigh bone.

It seems my patella just sits lower (aka closer to the ground, not closer to the back of my leg...directional challenges of being a 3D person) and doesn't have the benefit of already straddling the fence.  So every trip over the fence could scrape the under carriage.  If you know what I mean. [wink] [wink]  Although what I mean is the back side of the patella.  Oh.

Now...what to do?  What to do?

Put in for new genes?  Um...Get a replacement knee?  Um...Start wearing a knee brace?  Um...Start wearing an uber drop dead sexy infrapatellar knee strap???  Ding ding ding!!

So yes, I went to a doctor and he told me that what is wrong is that I am the way that I am.  Which is a powerful thing if you think about it.

I am a beautiful snowflake, unique and special in every way.  You can be a beautiful snowflake too, just not just like me.

Thanks, Dr. I!!

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