Friday, October 29, 2010

Home! (Several Of Many)

Just over two decades ago, one of the places I lived (in a less formal sense) was here:

My parents and I lived on a boat and often passed through Miami and its waters and past its islands on our way to/from Hollywood, FL and the Bahamas.  Tomorrow I get to race here, basically through and around my old stomping grounds:

The swim is just to the right of those buildings (the high-rises of downtown Miami), the ride is through those buildings and (way) beyond, and the run is to the right, out of the picture.

Since I left DC and until I head to Austin, TX (my next port of call), Fredo and his family have taken me and Angela Naeth in and given us a home away from (or close to my old) home.  A big and multifaceted household, I am living vicariously through their pets.

And these, two of about 200 (not kidding) in the garage, which I will pass on holding on my lap:

Let the homecoming begin!

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