Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Keep Winter Cold

I saw that on a bumper sticker at the end of my run on Sunday and thought it was pithy, succinct - and appropriate.  Especially considering the rather inauspicious, umm accolade, Washington, DC recently received:

The Weather Channel announced that DC had the worst summer in the country.

I think we're going to have to frame that one and hang it on the wall.

I am particularly tickled by the radical shifts in weather described by the bullet points: record highs, record rainfall, record drought.  I know there is a logical order in which each of those things can cause or be caused by another, but I'm just going to say right now that I think I would give up a little of each of those things just to have reliable, mild weather.

Plus I think DC has been a little selfish this year.  Hogging all the bad weather so that other parts of the country get none.  No wonder "the Flyover States" don't like "inside the Beltway." We have stolen their thunder, literally!!

Point in fact, where Ma and Pa Support Staff live - on a farm in a rural Midwestern farming community - has not received an appreciable amount rain since JUNE 21st.  I have trained for and completed two IMs and am well along to my third since their farm last received rain!!!

After Thursday and Friday of last week and Sunday and Monday of this week, I think I speak for all DC residents when I say to my parents "you are welcome to some rain, here, have some of ours."  It's really the Kindergarten - and daughterly - thing to do.  It's not like Rock Creek Park can get any more flooded and gross at this point.

It will be interesting to see what winter is like in DC this year.  Actually, DC's worst-summer-in-the-country followed one of DC's worst winter's ever, which saw not only the Snowmeggadon but also Snowpocalypse, just three days apart.  Alaska was probably laughing at us, but I do know that in one week's time I went outside only three times, a record I never came close to breaking when I lived in Madison. 

So maybe our summer was punishment for our winter selfishness?  Which means after our summer our winter will be....that much there like a detention we can serve while the rest of the country gets their fair share of the record-breaking weather?  I speak for myself, my trainer, and I think a lot of my fellow athletes when I say I'd like to see the roads and trails again before May, please.  I'm all for keeping winter cold, but there's cold and then there's Snowicane.

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