Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pimping Your 'Cross

Here's the short story of my current life: Have bike (and trainer).  Will travel.

And travel The Support Staff and I did for this weekend's 'cross adventure: Pimping Your 'Cross Two days of clean, crisp Delaware weather; twisting and turning and climbing off-road among the fall foliage; and sharing a bike trainer.  The Support Staff finishes his warm-up, I hop on and start mine, and by the time he's raced, I've trained, and we're both ready for some tasty 'cross treats.  I get more than a few "looks like you brought a knife (aka tri bike) to a gun fight (aka a 'cross race)," but people, I'm telling you, riding the trainer during a 'cross race is like riding the trainer at a rave - and very exciting/motivational.  Some moving neon lights and a better sound system and I'd be at Hel-LA.

The race site was very picturesque, situated on the driveway (which was part of the course) not far from the main house of the duPont Estate in northern Delaware.  So much so in fact that I've decided to let my camera narrate the weekend (with some context from yours truly).  Enjoy!

First, however, a big shout out to the Two Eric(k)s from The Jerz, who typified the meet-greet-befriend culture of 'cross.

Here they come...


Up to 125 people in each wave, 8 waves per day

After the stampede, the hole shot off the road onto the grass

Where the course soon narrows by half..

then snakes along some trees...
before finally and abruptly making an 180 degree turn.

Who put stairs on the course?

how to make your heart explode

By the barriers

I thought this was cool.  Different riders, different laps, frame-by-frame demonstration of barrier technique:

The Famous Granogue Tower

Box seats baby!
This was the first race where we were able to stick around for the elite wave...

the big dawgs

These guys don't mess around - they simply ride up the stairs

Although some do choose to run

weaving through the off-camber S-turns

perfect running form while carrying a bike

unlike the amateurs, one elite hopped the barriers...

and despite crashing and burning on one lap

he would not be deterred

The weekend wasn't entirely about 'cross:

[Sorry for the delay in posting.  Our Hilton hotel charged for internet - who does that anymore?!? - and we were unwilling to add to Paris' inheritance or spend our weekend sitting at Panera.]


RM said...

Those pictures are INSANE!!

Kelzie said...

Thanks!! Point, shoot, point, shoot...then cull, cull, cull. I took almost 200 pictures to get these really good ones. I laid on my back next to the course, looking into the sun for a long time, to get that back-lit one. Anything for my loyal readers!

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