Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scene on the Trail: 2 Heads Are Better Than 1

I must admit, I saw this scene several months ago.  I saw something on Monday, started laughing, and then remembered this previous scene and laughed even harder.  It seemed only fair to share the bigger laugh.

My usual Sunday morning group ride starts in northern Virginia, across The Moat (aka the Potomac) from Georgetown and the University.  I usually cross the Key Bridge around 8:20 am, as I was doing this fateful Sunday.

Relevant Side Note: I find it ironic that Georgetown turned down the opportunity to have its own Metro spot because it didn't want "riffraff," yet when I ride through at this "early" hour a lot of late-night eateries are still cleaning up.  And sometimes young people from rich families with plans for careers in public policy are still about, clearly after nights of frivolity during which pictures were taken that when posted on Facebook will prematurely end those aforementioned careers.  But oh no they aren't riffraff!...

Anyway, I came upon two young ladies.  Again, not riffraff; I will give them the benefit of the doubt.

Walking across the Key Bridge toward Virginia at 8:20 am on a Sunday morning.

Each was wearing a tiny dress.  And walking barefoot, high-heels in hand.

Across the Key Bridge.  At this my feet sobbed for them.

Approaching from behind on a railed sidewalk, I dutifully called out "on your left."

The young lady on the left took a quick step right.

The young lady on the right took a quick step left.

Thus they walked into each other.

And knocked heads.

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