Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tapers Weird Me Out

Don't get me wrong.  I think tapers have an indispensable place in the training and racing cycle.  I am not one of those athletes who can - or prefers to - maintain the same volume up until race day.   Plus I like the change of pace from always having another workout another workout another workout another...

But personally, my body does much better when it is always on call.  More rest than usual and the lonely 10 min interval, inserted into the nearly nonexistent 1:10 ride just to keep the body moving and the blood pumping, throws my body for an even bigger loop than my 45 min intervals did.  And sometimes, during taper, I just feel like plain crud.  Not even the chocolate kind.  More rest + less work = feels like plain...wait a sec, aren't I supposed to sprout wings and fly at some point?

Why yes actually, on Saturday apparently.   

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