Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thank You For That, or You Know, Not

The story of how I ended up sitting in the basement hallway of a gym to which I don't belong is not as interesting as the story of what happened once I was sitting there. 

The teacher of the next class in the exercise space outside of which I sit, arrives.  After finishing a conversation with another woman, he turns to me and says...

Him: Are you a cyclist?  Your thighs are BIG.

My Mind: Well your upper body makes you look like an inverted triangle.

Me: Actually I'm a triathlete.  So I swim, bike, and run.

Him: How do you run? [slight look of incredulity]

My Mind: Very well, thank you very much.

Me: One foot in front of the other.

My Mind: Powered by my "big" thighs, you inverted-triangle man.

At this point, he was drawn away into another conversation.  Or else I'm sure he would have taken the time to bring up other physical attributes and the athletic endeavors that are supposedly made impossible by them.  Let's hope he is better at personal training than interpersonal communications.

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