Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby's First Halloween

Sunday night, on roughly my 28th Halloween, I finally celebrated the holiday like I have wanted to for years but never have been able to: I stayed home, watched a scary movie, and handed out candy to kids and "kids" who came trick-or-treating. 

Fredo's girlfriend's sister was kind enough to have us over and leave me in charge of candy distribution (and a little consumption....) while the mothers and kids tricked the neighborhood.

Too bad the forces of my life conspired to add real baby-like behavior to my first Halloween.  I succumbed to a dehydration/candy/pizza/too-little-sleep coma and fell asleep on the couch, dressed in a Scream robe, Scream mask close at hand.  Not even a movie about alien abductions could keep me awake past 9 pm.

I don't even have a picture for the baby book (aka blog).  Imagine a sunburned and spent triathlete, fully body-marked for a race (they haven't washed off yet...), sick to her stomach and passed out while everyone around her speaks in Spanish.  Hold on there...that sounds suspiciously like how I spent the previous afternoon....

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