Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Caught Ya!

The part of Austin where I am staying is known for its deer population.  Multiple times people have described them to me as the neighborhood "rats": harmless, but ever-present.  And some of the friendliest composters and lawn-care specialists you'd ever want to meet!

Packs of deer kind of just wander around, following the clumps of trees that connect each property to those around it and eating the trees, plants, and fruit detritus. 

In the above picture, the lighter spot at the base of that tree is a cantaloupe rind.  There is another hunk at her feet, which I distracted her from eating when I stepped out the back door of my bunker to snap this picture.  I'd say she was 20 feet from my door.

See, My Gracious Host (and I and anyone else who stays here) simply tosses vegetable and fruit peels, rinds, cores, and seeds into the yard and the deer do the rest.  I have learned they are not fans of citrus because as I was working my way through a Costco-sized box of oranges, the lawn looked like I was making a fruit-salad with a wood chipper, but slowly and eventually they disappeared.  Avocado skin and apple cores kind of get an "eh."  Banana peels are a step above that, perhaps "hmm, someone is looking out to make sure we don't get scurvy."  But cantaloupe.  Cantaloupe is the bee's knees.  Cantaloupe is "oh doggie, Christmas came early."

Soon I had a pack of 6 or so hanging around.  Now I need to eat some more canteloupe!

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