Friday, November 5, 2010

Daylight Wasting Time

These days even normal human beings - those who don't wake up at 5 am for swim practice - are waking up and starting the day in the dark.  That reality seems like a depressing notion until you get to watch the sun rise from a beautiful vantage at a humane hour.

Fact I paid $150,000 to learn: the Earth spins at 19 miles per second.  So this series of pictures happened at lot faster than you might think.  I have seen the sun rise over the pyramids of Egypt, the sand dunes and Atlantic Ocean coast of Namibia, and the peak of Mount Everest.  It never fails to impress.

Here it comes...

whoops my coffee break was too long

Let's get down to business... [at this point the sheer amount of light was whiting out my camera screen; I just shot at semi-regular intervals.]


And then, secure in the knowledge that the Earth was still spinning, I went for my run.

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