Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Epicenter

In 1980, at the corner of West 5th and North Lamar Sts, the world shifted slightly on its axis and resettled a little to the left, never to be the same again. 

Did you feel it? You may not have then, but I guarantee you do now.

Loyal Readers!  Behold! The Original Whole Foods!

The Mothership...don't look it directly in the eye or your may never escape its tractor beam
And boy, oh boy, does it come with all the bells and whistles.

The largest bulk section I have EVER SEEN (next to CandyLand of course)
Bobbing for groceries?
the death of every diet
The liquid bread aisle
~ 1/10th of the food court
It is actually hard to convey how overwhelming the prepared food selection is.  Specific counters for specific diets/needs - vegan, BBQ, handmade chocolate, juice, coffee, sushi... - are spread around the entire store, in addition to the ho-hum salad bar and three (3)(!) hot food bars - American, international, casserole/veggie - not counting the soup bar.  Plus the food court, which takes the damage to your credit card to a whole other level completely.

Meat- and Heat-Free food
Could Whole Foods cater your wedding?

I pray to all that is good and holy that the P St. Whole Foods gets this bell/whistle soon.

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