Monday, November 15, 2010


Is anyone else tired of, or tired from, 24-7 HTFU?  [If you don't know what it means, you're going to need to search elsewhere to find out.  This is a family friendly blog, mostly.] 

I learned about it for the first time when, during the Tour de France, a rider was in a terrible, life-threatening accident.  His teammates found rubber bracelets, similar to the infamous Livestrong ones but black, that said nothing but that acronym.  As in "our teammate is lying in the hospital with a fractured skull, two broken ribs, a collapsed lung, a cracked femur, and serious road rash and all we have to do today is ride our fancy lightweight bikes in a race.  So stop complaining and HTFU already." 

At the time it made sense; it was a rally cry for a fallen comrade and a realignment of priorities and perceptions having to do with pain, suffering, and "poor me" attitudes.  Now it has become a favorite of those who lack the self-confidence to troll their own depths for perseverance on a regular basis, and also for those who know no other way to motivate others.  It's a secret handshake done to death, like the Bloods gang symbol someone taught me to throw in my Midwestern middle school study hall.  Somehow I think the real Bloods would not be fooled, just like how I am no longer fooled or impressed by the never-ending throwing down of the HTFU gauntlet.

Ok, so you know how to suffer.  Do you know how to turn that into success?

I believe things come in waves.  Things like the level of motivation and training build periods - and trends.  HTFU has ruled the day and probably will again. 

Until then, GTWD (perhaps sprinkled with a few timely and tiny doses of HTFU) and then STFD.  Or even better, LTFD.  That is the true and timeless secret handshake.  One that if you learn to throw properly will actually get you into the gang.


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