Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hurt So Good™

So I'm fresh off the boat (plane) and brand spankin' new to town after a tragic race worth forgetting.  What to do what to do what to do?

Get a massage!  A real one, that isn't conducted under a tent with me in my still dripping race kit or the basement of a local massage school (THE best way to afford the number of massages I get).  Where to go where to go where to go?

AustinDEEP.  Not for the weak of heart or low of pain threshold as all they do is deep tissue massage, but it felt so good and different from what I normally get, the hairs on my arm actually stood on end.  In a testament to the savageness of the technique and their dedication to perfecting it, one of the therapists was icing her hands between sessions.

And in one of those whirlwind moments of "where exactly did I end up?" I randomly met the spouse of a cabinet member of President Bush #2 in the lobby.  Hint to those in the know: fashionable eyeglasses.

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