Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sushi A-Go-Go

 A hipster Japanese man sits in a kitchen on wheels....

No that isn't the opening a horrible joke.  It's how I met Yoshi-san, a local sushi chef.

One aspect of keeping Austin weird is the trailer food.  And the trailer parks of trailer food.  In many places spread around the city paved lots are zoned for multiple trailers, each selling a very specific type of food.  Burgers and BBQ are fairly common, as is coffee.  One lot had a doughnut trailer and a (local) farm-to-trailer health food trailer.  Cupcakes, ribs, pizza, crepes...and sushi.

I'd been eying the sushi cart for several days and one drive-by it resonated so deeply with the hunger in my gut, I pulled a U-turn up and over a sidewalk to get at a California roll or four.

I don't actually eat raw fish (yes, I know, then why do I eat sushi....because sushi is, by construction, the Gu of real food: carbs, veggies, protein, electrolytes and there is nothing more gastronomically satisfying than downing a piece of sushi in one bite) so Yoshi whipped me up some grilled steak, candied jalapenos, and various veggies, and a few all veggie rolls.  And I'm sure I'll roll up on my bike at some point for miso soup after a hot ride!

You can too.  Yoshi, his cutlery, and the Sushi A-Go-Go trailer is waiting for you on Barton Springs Road, two blocks east of Jack & Adam's bike shop.

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