Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Menagerie, or Welcome To The Monkey House

It's that time of year again: when I decamp to dreary central Indiana for some bone-chilling cold and family time.  At least this year the weather has gifted us with snow rather than simply flaying us alive with hurricane-like winds.

However since The Support Staffers have moved here, the family has expanded, at first to be a veritable menagerie, but more recently downsized to a more domestic one.  But somehow fewer animals doesn't mean fewer stupid pet tricks.

Someone's home!!  Someone's home!!  This warrants...chewing each other's ears off!!

Move along people.  Nothing to see here.

Welcome home Kelzie!!...what did you bring me?

Oh Santa, just what I wanted!  A cat rug.
Now we ride the ATV to the barn to see the rest of the menagerie

What is that white beast hiding out in the snow??

GOATS!  Willy and Wee Willy.

This is actually an old picture.  Now we have more (a small one of a brown variety we call....Brownie) and they are nearly impossible to photograph because as the barnyard equivalent of unguided missiles, they are huge, inquisitive squirming masses of muscle only interested in food and non-food things on which to chew.  Case in point, they once ate the key out of the ignition of the tractor.  They ADORE the strings on hoodie sweatshirts.

There used to be cows and sheep and lambs, but no more, and have always been chickens, the downright stupidest animals on earth.  Next to pandas anyways.

And just so we know where I fit in the hierarchy:

My bathroom

Welcome home indeed.

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