Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kicking This Popsicle Stand

I've lived in DC for 6-and-a-half years.  Which is 6 years longer than I thought I would live in DC.

I've done politics, I've done the anti-thesis of politics.  I've been a Hill Rat and a Gym Rat, a night owl and an early bird.  I've done DC.

Which is why I'm going to try Austin, Texas, for a while.

The reasons are work-related: 1) better weather, 2) facilities and sport-specific training groups that count among the best in the country, and 3) a small, but well-regarded community of professional triathletes.

When I spent time there in November, Austin simply felt comfortable from the very first day.  The city's community and culture feel very much like home to me so it's no mistake that my next port of call is the "Madison of the South."

These past weeks I have been saying that you only truly know how people feel about you at two points in your life: when you move and when you die.  And well, when you die, you don't find out so much as your family does.  But at this juncture, the outpouring of "please don't leave" and/or "you have meant a lot to me in DC but I hope this Austin boondoggle works out" and/or "you know guns are legal down there, right?" has been truly humbling.  

Some people have known about this change for a while; others are finding out by reading this blog post.  I wish I could say good-bye to each of you personally, over coffee.  But alas, I am soon leavin' on a jet plane.

Please know that without all of you, the number of months I have been here - 77 - would surely have been a lot closer to 6.

Thank you for everything, most of all your friendship.

P.S. There are some non-Texas-based adventures between now and Texas.  Stay tuned!

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