Monday, March 14, 2011

Aliens Took Them

On Fuerte I ask myself the same single question every day: where are all the animals?

The animal crossing signs are everywhere.  The animals are nowhere.

I have yet to see a single cow anywhere on this island, let alone one crossing the road.

Especially a possibly male (horns)-and-female (udders)-at-the-same-time cow.  [To explain "possibly", the females of several breeds have horns so if we aren't looking out for these breeds, then we are looking for queer steer.]

This sign is for what looks like a stag, another animal I have not yet seen 'round these parts.  Which is not surprising considering what the parts 'round the sign look like.

The signs suggest that these animals were once on Fuerte.  Which begs my same single question: where did all the animals go?


In current day - unless there are wild, nocturnal, possibly hermaphroditic cattle hiding in the tree-less hills - I think what I have seen is a good litmus test for what actually is (still) on the island.

What I have seen - flattened in the road - are porcupines, lizards, and house pets.  What I have seen - standing in the road, standing everywhere - are goats.

But I have not seen any road signs for goats.  So if by "possibly hermaphroditic cow," the signs mean "goat" then I guess the aliens are off the hook.

1 comment:

Carl Fudge said...

I assume they were scared off by the herd of other animals clad in multicolored lycra riding alien-bikes.

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