Sunday, March 20, 2011

Coasting and Calming in Costa Calma

I think Ann Taylor did not have this in mind when she sold me these knee-length dress shorts as part of a summer business suit...

Some of the local-living Germans had become so disgusted that we out-of-towner Germans (and American) have been here for more than a month and not yet seen anything which is not located directly on one of our weekly bike routes.  The locals specifically had in mind the beaches for which Fuerteventura apparently is famous.  And here I thought Fuerte was famous for its bike routes...  And thus the locals absconded with us for a mini beach day.  

There are two traffic circles, one in the north past which I have never gone any farther north and one in the south past which I have never gone any farther south.  As we approached the southern one, I mentioned to those in the car "I have ridden thousands, if not tens of thousands, of kilometers on this island and have never gone past this circle."

Look what was on the other side!

A whole new town!

Costa Calma is the beach-vacation part of the island.  Tourists land at the airport, bus to Costa Calma, sit on the beach, and a week later bus back to the airport.  Nothing worth seeing is accessible without a car, not even a grocery store.  It is city intended as a giant group tanning bed.

No wonder I have never had a reason to go.

When the tide comes in, the beach in front of one hotel hosts a mid-shin-depth lagoon. 

Beach-goers wade across it.  When in Rome... 

Some people were not quite prepared for such off-the-bike-and-in-the-water-but-not-a-pool adventures.  I think there is a dress code at this beach, especially considering it is a nude-welcome one, and jeans and socks are not on the list...Olaf...

The beach, but not the lagoon, runs 17 kilometers down to the next town.

L to R: Ocean, beach, lagoon, land

Back in the saddle again tomorrow.  But if I never got off the bike I would never have seen this.

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