Thursday, March 17, 2011

More My Guys

Today my group added Ernest, who really does look like Hemingway, if Hemingway had ridiculous calves; Thorsten; Christoph; and Stefan, who I swear was a Swiss draft horse in a previous life and has been reborn in a track cyclist's body.  The quads tell all.

The reason I have been able to produce mid-ride pictures of these guys is that the wind has relented, a smidge, in the last 48 hours.  Tuesday was ridonkulous; Wednesday was magnificent.  But my mid-ride photography skills are seriously under-developed; I'm as likely to get concrete as a person.  For every 5 of these:

I get one of these:

Goeran, Paul, Stefan, and Stefan's quads

Today we went a-hunting for coffee on an aptly named coffee ride.  We went up some hills...

Canarian traffic jam

[that's looking down]

...found some members of the opposite sex....we had been wondering where they were...

....and rode as a tight-knit group.

I love Bernd's jersey: a place for everything, everything in it's place...unless you are left-handed

Success! Behold caffeine!

When in Spain, order a CORTADO

Caution: Cyclist At Work...

Christoph with Bernd far right

We practice safe coffee drinking here at camp...

Frank as Markus looks on

Lock up your bikes, as well as your daughters.  My Guys are coming to town.

Meet The Whip Cracker (bald pate)...

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