Saturday, March 26, 2011

Taking Out The Trash

Several people recently mentioned that they like my blog because of the pictures.  Others, that they look at my blog only because of the pictures. seem...popular.

It's true that I don't have babies, kittens, and unicorns as subjects - a serious oversight on my part and one that I will try very hard to rectify...eeerr, well, the last two of those anyway - in the future.  But I still manage to find plenty of reader-friendly things to point-and-shoot at anyway.

Today, by apparently popular vote, I'll shut up and let some of the literally thousands of pictures I have taken in Fuerte speak for themselves (with some captioning help by yours truly). 

The (Spanish) Hostess With The Mostest

"Why does she think it is so momentous that we made it up this climb?"

Some people come all the way to an island to ride camels

The view from my room: the Playitas golf course

Boys with their toys...heaven forbid we not know exactly how far we ran

Some bikes make mine look particularly small

Some people come all the way to a sport resort in paradise to run inside, on a treadmill, and watch TV

Some of my many admirers

One town has mid-20th century road signs; they remind me of PlaySkool

View from the very top of the Playitas resort and town

One scenic highway has 19th century road signs...I don't think that camera will fit in my jersey pocket

The outside of the bakery

A statue in Antigua

Flower by my apartment

Long (6 km) sloping descent with a view of the south end of the island

Auditioning for an R and B video (or wearing a camper's hat)

Keeping my day job

Love me some Haribo

Some mornings it is worth it to get up to swim

One of the resort pools I have never been in...can't do laps in it

They thought I was crazy to ask them to do this...I was looking for more "Rocky" and less "stick 'em up, this is a robbery"

Ladies, take your pick of inflexible endorphin junkie

Someone built terraces all over the island, but as to who, no one is giving up the ghost

Sometimes nature (and the terrace building people) does all the work for you

I would have more pictures of this cool road if I wasn't always going down it at 40 km/h

An unfortunate case of helmet hair

Sometimes I feel like I'm in the Triplets of Belleville

Here's what happens when your back is so sweaty during a climb that it fogs up your camera lens in your jersey pocket

Nearing the end...

And for future reference...


rick & marnie said...
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rick & marnie said...

Nice bike, Kelz. The red doesn't stand out too much. Perhaps red tires, as on the bike in front of yours, would be a nice accent?

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