Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"To The Lighthouse"

Almost every run from Playitas includes the descriptor "to the lighthouse."

"I ran to the lighthouse."

"I ran on the trails on the way to the lighthouse."

"I ran to the bottom of the hill to the lighthouse."

"I want to run anywhere but to the lighthouse."

But getting there and back is no Sunday stroll of a 10km, and not just because it's actually 13 km of strolling.

First of all, there is nothing flat.  You go up for 3 km, down for 2.5 km, seriously up for 1 km, seriously down 1 km, up for 2.5 km, and down for 3 km.

Behold the elevation map for "to the lighthouse" [that dip in the middle should not be there]

Second, the visual psyche-out is in serious effect.  It starts here, innocuously enough, but up-hill nonetheless:

Right out the resort's back-door

Here is some of the first 3 km up (seen from above)...you pretty much have nothing to look at except the road...and black dots floating in front of your eyes.

But none of it is worse than the view at 5 km...you have to go up there and you have to do it in 1 km...

Gotta love the switchbacks (seen from above) that "help" you gain altitude...

The last sweep of the road to the top...

It's right there.  Almost right there.  Just almost right there.

The d*mn lighthouse!

From above, in a pretty nifty picture, you get the panoramic view of roughly the 3 km before the last 0.5 km (hidden in a curve out of the picture to the left).  Heading out toward the lighthouse you always know exactly where you are headed long before you have the pleasure (pain?) of getting there.

Be careful, however.  There are crazy people running up there stupidly early in the morning.  All the better a time to scare the goats in the road!

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