Thursday, April 21, 2011

Austin's Chamber of Triathlon Commerce

You know those bike shops that deal in more than bikes?  The ones that deal in creating connections, offering information, and lending a hand?  They know everyone and are involved in everything?

That's Jack and Adam's.  The back of their shop t-shirt says "We Love Triathlon" and everything they do, at least that I've seen, supports that statement and builds the community, in town and around the country.

Need bike routes - including the Garmin GPS files to ride them?  The J&As website.
Need a free twice-weekly abs class?  The J&As parking lot.
Need a weekly group ride - or weekly group run?  The J&As front steps.
Need to know about pools or running stores or well-located apartment rentals or athlete-friendly doctors?  The J&As sales staff.
Need your bike race-prepped?  Give the J&As service team an hour and a hose.
Need a fun and unique race for the off-season?  The J&As Dirty Du: trail half-marathon and a bike toss.  Yup, you toss...a bike.  [It doesn't have to be your carbon steed.]

And my personal favorite: need to know your bike or equipment order is ready?  Check the J&As email or text in your inbox.

They are prompt, friendly, comprehensive, and always willing to dispense information.  It is not uncommon for professional athletes to come to town for a short training stint and simply be told "Go talk to Jack at Jack and Adam's as soon as you arrive.  He can tell you everything."  I admit I've done exactly that.

And most recently, what I've noticed are the little things you (the customer) aren't supposed to notice.  Every bike that comes in for work comes back washed.  Every.  Someone, and I'm still working on getting to the bottom of who exactly, refreshed the bike fit markings that I use to re-assemble my bike.  Didn't notice that one until I unpacked my bike several days later.  Someone, and I'm still working on getting to the bottom of who exactly, tightened the bolts that make up my rear-mounted bottle cages.  Didn't notice that one until I rode over some train tracks in New Orleans and there was blessed silence behind me.

And all of this after I took my bike in to have the bottom bracket tightened and rear wheel hub rebuilt.  I can't wait until I have to take my trusty steed in for serious work!   

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