Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Of Veils and the Number 8

In true Emily fashion, the wedding that brought me to DC was tasteful and elegant, organized and inclusive, and loving and tear-full. 

Plane finishing its approach to DCA on our drive across the Potomac

I learned a great deal about what it takes to have a strong marriage simply by watching her and her groom interact in the few seconds after her father left the alter.

Mr. and Mrs.

I am heartened to know that I leave DC with Emily in excellent hands, especially after accompanying her as her "wing woman" on several fateful adventures in our early days.

On to the party.

My seat at dinner didn't have such a bad view of...

My old office building

True love is not smearing cake on your bride's face

My Girls

Georgetown and DC at night

In other news, S. continues to lay siege to personal bests at all distances.  While I was recovering from hours of dancing in spike heels S. was pounding 10 miles of pavement, going 6 min faster than her goal time and taking one minute-per-mile off her previous PR. 

Her response: "I couldn't believe that I ran an average pace that started with an "8"!!"

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