Saturday, April 9, 2011

Returning To The Scene Of The Crime

On the road again...I barely know where I am any more, but the airport code on the plane ticket says DCA, so that helps.

As a friend put it when I emailed about getting lunch, "Didn't you go already? What was that party all about?"  Yes, I went and now I'm back.  For 50 hours and 3 parties.

And traveling lighter than I have in years.  I do have more clothes for two days in DC than I did for three months in Burma, but as many of them are spandex, they fit into much less space!

What, no bike box?

And getting a view of DC that I never came close to seeing in the 6.5 years I actually lived here (sorry, you have to suffer my poor-man's panorama vision; R-L):


Isn't traffic on the Key Bridge awesome?

The hotel is blocking most of Georgetown University

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