Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Scene On The Trail: Triathlete Domesticity

About two weeks ago I was joined at My Gracious Host's by Cat Morrison, a lovely and talented Scot fresh off her victory at Galveston 70.3 (with a 1:18 run, I might add) and preparing for (hopefully) domination at St. Croix 70.3 and Ironman Texas.

We got her settled and pointed in the right direction for various excursions and since then, have been co-existing amicably. well as two people can co-exist who each stock and eat enough food to fill an entire refrigerator on their own.  There are lots of groceries.  Even more dishes.  Not to mention quite a few smoothies.  It's a good thing we have two blenders, if not two refrigerators.

This N = 2 social living experiment has provided a chance to see if what I have always thought of as routine, but perhaps not universal, about my athlete lifestyle is not all that experimental.  Turns out it's pretty darn normal.


** An unstructured morning (read: no early scheduled swim practice) is milked for all it's worth.

** Diet soda is an acceptable guilty pleasure.

** The bulk section of the grocery store is the Bermuda triangle of best intentions and grocery budgets.

** Nearly everything is scheduled around eating or digesting after eating.

** Lounging and athletic clothes is the new black tie.

** Procrastinating before sessions is an art form to be practiced daily.

** The athlete lifestyle gets really wild and crazy after dinner.  And by wild and crazy, I mean devolves into eating in front of the television, followed by self-massage and rolling out various knots on an impressive collection of foam rollers; tennis, golf, and yoga balls; and trigger point tools.

What N = 2 has not proven is that all triathletes are too hungry, tired, and/or downright lacking in creativity to make a unique and delicious dinner.  Cat is as much a better cook than I am as she is a faster runner than I am.  Which is to say, considerably.

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