Friday, May 27, 2011

Monday Pre-Race Flitter

I am not on Twitter.  I read people's Twitter feeds - Jesus is a personal favorite: "Eating Bread.  A little too meta for me." - but I don't post every single action and reaction in a never-ending saga of nonsense for others to digest.

I do get pre-race flutters in my tummy.  If I didn't, if standing on the line with the intention of comparing myself, my wits, and my physical fitness against other insanely talented female athletes didn't quiver my insides a little bit - ok, a lot bit - I don't think I would qualify as human - or invested.

Yesterday (Monday) was my pre-race day of errands.  I leave tomorrow (Wednesday) and in hopes of not driving myself absolutely bonkers, I separated them by a day (Tuesday) of preparation-things-to-do-around-the-house.  Pre-race errands always get my stomach fluttering a little bit, and if I did tweet, my feed would have been full-to-overflowing with flutter + Twitter = my pre-race flitter.

Pre-when-they-start-to-collect-an-entrance-fee swim at Barton Springs Pool.

Post-pre-when-they-start-to-collect-an-entrance-fee-swim-at-Barton-Springs run from Barton Springs Pool.

Home to grab the rides.

Austin's Chamber of Triathlon Commerce to drop off the rides and wheels for pre-race TLC and Chex Mix and Puppy Chow for the TLC-ers.  Gotta keep the troops happy - which means well-fed!

Austin Java to get some internet.  No coffee; I'm off the sauce until the race.

Pre-race trim of the shag.  At this point not just a pre-race ritual, but a necessity to keep my bangs from scratching my corneas.

Apple store to inquire about why my MacBook was suddenly making it hard to deal with the pictures I take for my loyal readers.  Learn my hard drive is in the process of failing.

Thundercloud Subs.  First time at this local chain.  I find I still prefer Which 'Wich.

CVS for two items.  Only find one, but it's the time-sensitive one: camera batteries so I can keep taking pictures for my loyal readers, even if my laptop isn't really interested in helping.

McDonald's for...

Wait...did you actually think I was going to say I stopped here for a Big Mac, large fries, and a milkshake?  For shame.  I really stopped for the other legal, addictive stimulant that McDonald's sells within it's walls...movies.  Gotta stay entertained during taper.

Bank for money, money, money, mo-ney.   Mo.Ney.

Home to back-up my computer before Apple surgically replaces its guts.

Back to Apple to drop off my life line = no computer, no internet until surgery is complete.

Chamber of Triathlon Commerce to check up on the rides and the troops.  Chex Mix has been mauled.  Puppy Chow is holding its own because the powdered sugar it leaves on the hands makes it hard to work on bikes.  If your bike tastes like Worcestershire sauce or onion powder, don't blame me.

Grocery store.  My home away from home sometimes.

Home.  For taper entertainment.  I chose...poorly...good thing renting a movie only costs $1.

Third, and last, trip to the Chamber today.  Free week-night abs class going on in the parking lot.  Main ride is ready; the ex-commuter, which I have been riding hard and hanging up wet for too many years, is going to take some time.  And maybe some more Chex Mix.


Third, and last, trip to Apple's Genius Bar today.   The things I do to take pictures for you guys.

11 hours and 43 miles of driving later, HOME.  In my defense of why I "needlessly" spent a day on my feet and in my car, only about half of these things were on my to-do list when the day started.  The best laid schemes of mice and men, baby... 


Jess said...

scratched corneas=no joke. miss you!

Kelzie said...

Jess, I was thinking of you when I wrote that :) My hair and unscratched corneas thank you for the lessons in style and safety. Have a great time out West! -Kelzie

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