Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Marathon Down Memory Lane

One of the "lay low" activities I've been doing this week is opening, sorting, and disposing of 28+ years of boxes and the "treasures" therein.  It's fascinating what we collect - and deem worthy of keeping - across a life-time of schools, travels, and adventures.  A memory I hadn't thought about in decades can come rushing back in vivid detail at just the sight of an item peaking out of a box.  For example, I still have my reading record from first grade.  Just a (thick) stack of index cards stapled one on top of the next, the record represents every time I took home a book from our classroom library to read, then returned along with another line of a index card filled with title and a parent's signature.  278 books over the course of a school year.  Now my current ransacking of the Austin public library doesn't look so out of the ordinary.

I also found these...

The shoes in which I trained for and ran my first marathon.  I bandited Boston in 2002 with a college friend, although neither of us really knew what we were doing other than that each long run needed to be longer than the previous one.  Full-time college students also putting on the annual Hasty Pudding show, we trained on negative sleep, or at least it felt like it.

These shoes weigh a TON.  Ok, actually only 12.25 ounces (with 2002 orthotics).  EACH.  

Here's what I currently wear to run marathons in.

They - Saucony Fastwitches - weigh 3.5 ounces less (8.75 ounces), each, despite being a full size larger (all the pounding will do that to feet) and containing full orthotics (instead of three-quarter length).

Thank goodness memory lane is so full of technological advances!!

And today's bonus picture, as seen on the drive from Indiana to Wisconsin:

A pick-up pulling a sizable RV pulling a pretty big fishing boat.  I think it does actually add up to 18 wheels.

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