Monday, July 18, 2011

Racine 70.3: The One Where I Ripped The Nail Off My Big Toe And Made Myself Vomit

Another weekend, another 70.3 miles, some more hits, but always a few misses.

Hit: Not wanting the race to be over after 200m of the swim.

Hit: Actually getting into the middle of the second swim pack and staying there, the entire time.  I remember thinking I'm actually swimming with people?! I have to stay here.  And I did, quite comfortably.  As opposed to last week where I was alone pretty much from the gun.

Hit: Much colder than, but as flat as, bath-tub water.  So much colder that I lost feeling in my feet.

Miss: The 200 yard bare-foot slog through dry sand between the water's edge and the timing mat.  Easily the hardest, most painful part of the entire day.  And demoralizing as I was passed by all the people behind me in the second swim pack.

Miss: Ripping my big toe nail off by putting on my right bike shoe.  It was already dead due to a blood blister, but it went from 'there' to 'not there' a lot faster and sooner than anticipated.  The Googles tell me such an occurrence is "evulsion."  There's the thing you'll learn today.

Hit: Not falling over on the hill immediately out of T1.

Miss: There is little I can think to say that would suffice as an adequate description of just how bad the roads were and still avoid claims of hyperbole.  ....If every crack, seam, and divot was 3 inches deep - not an unrealistic estimate based on how jarring repeatedly slamming into them felt - then my front wheel climbed Mt. Everest.  Fortunately, I was riding an ISM saddle; otherwise, my undercarriage would have suffered as much as my front fork did.

Hit: Spending the bike leg thinking and feeling like I was struggling and going slow, only to find out later that my bike split was similar to the other female pros'.

Miss: Whoever described this bike course as flat was flat out lying.

Miss: Coming off the bike with a stomach that wasn't processing liquid and having everything but the kitchen sink sloshing around in there.  So I pulled over around mile 3, conducted a Chinese fire-drill, and hit the nutritional re-set button.  It was going to happen one way or another; I decided it was going to happen on my terms.  Apologies to the poor spectator on the other side of the road. 
Miss:  Spending the run thinking and feeling like I was struggling and going slow...and knowing that I really was struggling and going slow.

Hit: Spending the weekend with my parents, Unc Paul and Aunt Dar, and the Haughs.  Jerry Haugh was my middle school tech(nical) ed(ucation) teacher and my high-school varsity soccer coach.  But only after he was in the Marine Corp so it's no surprise that I can still operate a band saw and that many of his players have gone on to be life-long and successful athletes.


Racine is the American epicenter of kringle.  O&H Bakery is the most famous on-the-ground purveyor, but the Racine Kringle, which you can buy only in grocery stores and through mail-order, is better.  I've done extensive testing since 1991 just to make sure.

Hit: iHOP pancakes post-race. 

Hit: A little more time with the goaties.

Never leave your vehicle unattended for fear of hitchhikers

And you thought I was joking about counting our fingers

And with that, the sun sets on my Hometown Tour.  Back to Tehas tomorrow.


Amanda said...

I hate to argue, but I am an O&H fan. 100% And they made my parents wedding cake back in 1969.
Can’t wait to go back in 53 days!

Oh, and congrats on the back to back races!

Kelzie said...

Hey Amanda! I would absolutely devour wedding cake from O&H, along with pretty much any other baked good they made...aside from Kringle :( The seven of us bought 8 ovals of various flavors, and we came to agree that all of the flavors tasted the same - like butter and sugar. The key lime and chocolate pecan were virtually indistinguishable, which was a bit disconcerting. Racine Kringle tends to focus more on the filling flavor.

In other news, I'm glad you enjoyed the first post on "motivation." We all have those days...weeks...months. Come 53 days from now you'll be brimming with excitement! - Kelzie

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