Monday, August 8, 2011

Fool Me Once...Fool Me Twice...

My drive to and from the Texas Swim Center for masters practice is pretty straight-forward and short.  At least when conscious, caffeinated, and after dawn.  Otherwise it is a tricky obstacle course of traffic signage right up there with the Mensa test.

The longest drag is along a main street, deserted at 5:40 A.M., with 10-12 cross-streets along my route, and either a stop-light or -sign at every cross-street.  The order of lights and signs isn't orderly; a lot of lights, then a sign or two, then a light or two, then a sign, then a light, and the lights are rarely in-sync so I get caught a lot.  Stop, start, stop, start, stop. 

Sometimes my sleep-cob-webbed mind gets lulled into a sense of rhythm - a reassuringly safe rhythm! - and I'll realize I've been sitting at a stop sign.  For several minutes.  With no other cars in sight.  Waiting for a green light.  Ya Know, No Green, No Go.

I think "fool me twice" is a tad optimistic at this point.

It's a really good thing that the only thing I have to do once I get to the pool is swim.

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