Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Good Boring

The past few days I've really been drawing a blank on what to blog about.  I started wishin' and hoping' and thinkin' and prayin', also plannin' and dreamin', that something funny or at least note-worthy would occur so I could regale the interwebs.

I had a ride/run brick yesterday and took the Mobile Tri Shop to nearby Manor (pronounced "Mainer," like a person from Maine, rather than "Manor," as a manor house), Texas, to test out a reportedly awesome road for doing long intervals.  Highway 973 did not disappoint in delivering the horrible in a totally awesome way, or the awesome in a totally horrible way: 18 miles pretty much Northeast-Southwest, straight into the maw of the wind of the Texas plains, through pancake-flat farmland, with wide, chip-sealed shoulders - but like many small-town beauty queens, photos can not display it's best features.  

Hours of fun and the most note-worthy occurrence was being chased by two Chihuahuas on the run.  Far from being scared, I found it freaking adorable.

I drove home, had an ice bath, wrote schedules for my athletes, made dinner, and went to bed.  And just like that I killed Saturday, crushing it like a beer can against my forehead.

Interwebs, I am trying not to despair over my life of the antithesis of crime.

I once had a discussion with a friend and former training partner about why this person has thus far elected not to take their elite card.  The reasoning came down to the fear that if/when racing professionally, they would become obsessed about swimbikerun, that it would take over their life.


Every profession has periods of required intensity - med school, law school, dissertation research and writing, grant writing, licensure studying and testing - when day becomes night, week becomes weekend, monk-hood resembles the clubbing lifestyle, and the living room floor becomes the dining room table.  Ok, maybe that last one is just me.

It's boring, it's lonely, it's alienating, and it's limiting, in its own way.  But as I live and train, two weeks before IM, it's absolutely necessary, and in fact, preferable to unpredictable happenings which are fuel only for crazy.

So Interwebs, I will not despair over my life of the good boring.  I will not despair over having no beautiful pictures or funny stories to share.  I will despair over only the state of my living room floor and the limited endurance of Chihuahuas.

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