Sunday, November 20, 2011


Just what I have been doing since I last posted?

Learning to walk on water, of course.

Water is such an integral part of Austin (despite it's marked absence falling from the sky these past 12 months).  Town Lake runs right through down town, not two blocks from my apartment, and is an outing or outlet for thousands of people each day.  It's a geographic divider like the Potomac in DC, but unlike the Potomac, Town Lake is easy to access and just another playground, open to anyone not swimming.  Madison is also defined by bodies of water - 4 lakes forming an isthmus - but I never really made use of them.  I decided that instead of just driving over Town Lake or running around it, I would go out on it.  So I picked up stand-up paddling (SUP). 


It is disorienting how different things look from the water.  The traffic on a major highway artery vanishes.  The Loop 360 corridor is almost serene.

On the trail, a single tree is simply part of the larger canopy.  From the water, it is statuesque, its roots so perfectly veined as to look like a set piece in a play.

Those stairs lead up to the running trail, from which I have never noticed those stairs.

The bridges become legitimate art and architecture, providing shelter or a picnic spot.  Not to mention an optical illusion.

Under Lamar

On a wind-less day the waves not on the water show up elsewhere.  Huh. I've only ever run across Pflugerville Pedestrian Bridge in a straight line.


Pearls of wisdom and works of art hang in galleries stories above the water.

No matter the perspective it's a lovely way to spend a late afternoon.

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Lindsey Jerdonek said...

let's pretend we are robots! A pearl of wisdom, indeed.

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