Monday, December 12, 2011

Lost The Plot

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Einstein was a smart guy.

There are plenty of theories, anecdotes, and cautionary tales about plans, committing to them and changing them, in sport: Allow for a certain amount of time with a new plan before deciding how smart that option was to choose.  Allow for a certain amount of time when things aren't working before making a decision to change them.  Don't follow the Coach-Of-The-Moment.  Follow the Coach-Of-The-Moment.  Don't ask questions about how exactly the plan works, just complete the plan.  Ask as many questions as necessary to understand fully the plan (while also completing the plan...)  Absolute faith in the plan is necessary, otherwise it won't work.  Continue to educate yourself about alternate ways to train because absolute faith in any one plan is unnecessarily limiting.

But sometimes, perhaps inevitably, things that were working no longer work, for whatever reason, even an unidentifiable one.  Just ask anyone who is divorced.

And there are no rules for that situation.  Often it is about listening to your gut, and then taking your toys and going to a different playground.  It is about questioning your own sanity.

I recently decided to no longer be insane.

I worked with my now-former coach for three years.  I made a commitment, I had faith, and for a long time, the plan worked.  But then progression slowed, stalled, and maybe even back slid a little.  There is no blame, other than to say that I think we each have a share to shoulder, but what had worked before no longer did, and maybe hadn't, in a constructive way, for a while. 

So in my sanity I'm going to try something different, a pretty significantly different approach actually, and have faith in the plan and see where it takes me.  The decision was a long time in the making, but my first line in the first email in the new partnership pretty well captures my feelings about the whole thing:

{spits into palm and holds out hand}  Let's do it.

Because when you finally find the plot, I figure you should grip it tight and with conviction.

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Lindsey Jerdonek said...

It sounds like you and your sanity are in good hands. :) bring on 2012.

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