Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Memory Lane Paved With Plastic Marble And Small Shiny People

Part of my parents' move is going through everything I have accumulated during my life and ultimately left on the periphery of theirs.  Since I don't need very much to live day-to-day, there is a life worth of stuff in their shed.  Artifacts include congratulatory cards and hand-made baby blankets from when I was born, physics notes from college, and traditional outfits from when I worked in Burma.  And these:

Trophies for "participating" in rec league soccer (I've got a whole different box for when I took up soccer seriously) and being the baddest a$$ female bowler at my middle school for three years in a row.  Yup, before I took up running, or ever owned a bike or swam a stroke, I ruled the pine alleys.

Like The Dude says:
"What do you do for recreation?"
"The usual.  I bowl.  Drive around.  The occasional [sleepover and pizza party]."

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