Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kelzie - And Her Can Opener - Kooks

I often get asked what I eat during the day, between sessions, that keeps me full and calorie-full, but without stopping up the works.  I guess the answer is particularly important at this time of the year when all but one of my sessions per week (long ride) is too short to warrant mid-training nutrition.  I rely on the regular meals I put in my mouth to power the engine, on top of relying on those same meals to provide a good portion of my vitamins and minerals.

It's like an Iron Chef America cooking competition: SWF struggles to concoct a day's worth of meals using only her modest grasp of nutrition, extensive grasp of what her body does not prefer during training, and the tools the Industrial Revolution perfected - basic refrigeration, the canning process, and the can opener.

The secret ingredient?  Only things sold at the Co. of Cost, of course!

** I drink a low-sodium V8 with my breakfast.  Why?  Because I just *love* the taste and mouth-feel of vegetable slurry!  Umm, not quite; I pretty much slam this delicacy as a chaser for my only-slightly-more-repellant-tasting oral vitamins.  The rationale is that I need/want veggies in my diet, but even processed or cooked, they have too much fiber for me to eat until my sessions for the day are over.  I can cram only so many servings of vegetables into dinner, the meal which otherwise would have to make up for the vast vegetable consumption wasteland that is the first ten hours of my day.  So V8 is veggies for breakfast, or when traveling, or in the car...

** First course of a mid-day meal between sessions could be cereal.  It's not a perfect solution (although it is better than the rice crackers I was eating, which I found out have a GI score of 98, only two less than pure white table sugar and no additional nutritive value...gag), but Nature Path's EnviroKidz are high GI, no gluten, low fiber, and if you mix Panda Puffs and Koala Krisps together, chocolate-and-peanut-butter in flavor.  I am finally fulfilling my childhood fantasy of unbridled cereal consumption.  My 8-year-old self pouts that it's not Fruit Loops and Lucky Charms.

And since I know you are going to ask: almond milk.

** Second course of a mid-day meal between sessions could be a protein (tuna, chicken, turkey, egg, tofu) salad of my creation.  Whatever portion of protein you prefer, rinsed to lower sodium content.  I use a can of tuna (7 oz) or half a can of turkey (6.25 oz).  One spoonful of whatever mustard you prefer.  I use the Aoili Garlic Mustard Sauce from Trader Joe's, because it compliments the next ingredient: a spoonful of pesto.  Mix together and top with a handful of drained and rinsed olives.  Inhale.

It can be a sodium bomb, which I control as much as I can, but it is high in protein and good fats.  I eat it after a bowl or two of cereal, but human beings with normal taste buds could certainly use some crackers or bread to complete the meal or create a sandwich if they are not concerned about fiber and gluten.

And that's lunch!

I've got a couple of other made-up recipes to share so I think this vein of inquiry will become a series.  Feel free to put specific questions etc. in the comments and I'll answer as best I can.

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