Monday, March 12, 2012

Here We Go Again, Okay?

Another month, another town, another 5k.  I asked for that.

Saturday morning I literally floated down the interstate in a monsoon to New Braunfels for a little community-held jaunt around a neighborhood.  Air temperatures were perfect for running - singlet with light gloves - but the actively running water and construction on the course made it more like spring cross country.   I dealt with that.

I got out-sprinted by a guy with only one arm and the majority of one calf missing.  After the race, I found out he was an ex-SEAL.  Which helped me swallowed that.

I accepted that.

Don't tell anyone, but I may be almost, kind of, but only barely enjoying this ¡short! and ¡hard! stuff.  However, until I'm faster, I'm not ok with that.

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