Friday, March 2, 2012

I Christen Thee, Passive-Agressive Summer

I should have learned from Tuesday: 70 degrees, 93% humidity, shirt stripped before I even got to the track.

Fast forward to Thursday: 73 degrees, 88% humidity, shirt stripped after the first mile, only to be used a sweat rag.  Not to mention it started humidity raining just as I finished.

And today: 1 trainer, 2 hours, 3 towels, 4 bottles of water (including one hastily opened bottle of Pellegrino that happened to be within reach and was summarily sacrificed for the cause) and a lake in my dining room.

In most states right now, the lion of spring is in full frontal force; my heart goes out to the families and towns experiencing it.  In Austin, we tamed the lion, feasted on the lamb, and moved straight on to summer.  Except that Mother Nature doesn't have the cojones to bring on 105 degree temps quite yet.  They are not far off, though, it was 92 one day last week.

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