Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Olympics Come To Austin

Today, the track at a high-school a few blocks from my apartment hosted a sub-4 minute where all four laps were run by the same person.  Not many tracks in the world can say that!

A former UT runner, Leo Manzano, has created the Manzano Mile, an all-comers track meet where only one distance matters.  The non-metric mile.  All 1609 meters of it.

The head-lining event was the elite men's race, in which Leo himself was trying to break the Texas state mile record of 3:57. 

You could almost hear the distinctive spaghetti western theme music playing as they approached the start line.  {cue tumbleweed}

The combatants against the clock

The race did have a few rabbits, because while the track has a great view, it isn't the fastest tartan in the world.

As I watched I couldn't help but think "they aren't moving any faster than I am during my track workouts."  And then you check the clock and they just ran like 53 sec 400m or something. 

Rabbits in green and #66; Leo in #1

Leo went it alone after 1200m.

And he did it!  3:55.47something.  That's just fast.  It may not look it, even in person, but that's just fast.  Very few people can run one lap at that speed, let alone 4+.

But it doesn't matter if you are my speed, your speed, or Leo's speed, it's always those last 9 meters that hurt the most, but they also feel the best.

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