Thursday, March 8, 2012

Think ⃞, or How To Mount An SRM Power Control On A Tri Bike

With my new bike fit, my aero-bar set-up has been exploring the hairy edge of the Pauli Exclusionary Principle, or the idea that no two objects can be in the same place at the time.

The two objects? My forearms, which are proportionally correct, yet short in absolute terms, and a moderate selection of devices and hydration systems that need to be mounted.

The biggest challenge was my SRM PowerControl (PC), but it absolutely had to move because its now-former location is under my mid-torso. 

I had lots of ideas for how to mount my PC, in theory.  My in-practice was hamstrung by SRM's design of both the PC and the mounting bracket, which are based on very traditional ideas of how bikes are set up and how any bike computer should be mounted.

Nothing about the intersection between my bars and my bike looks anything like this, or would support or fit any mount remotely similar to - or as straightforward as - this one.  And very little of the extra parts I had on-hand, including a barrel mount and shims, could make the situation straightforward.

So my in-theory went to Jack & Adam's and told the in-practice mechanics "I need you for your minds."  After they scrapped themselves off the floor from laughing so hard, we discussed velcro and zip ties (which I have seen done), viewing angles, and how I hold my bars when riding.  Several hours later I came back and...

Apparently, my in-practice, on-hand equipment was missing a cycle-cross brake lever (and whatever myriad other parts make up that bracket).

What the wind sees

What I see

Now that is thinking outside the box.

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