Tuesday, March 20, 2012

U ♥ ME = PR

I should write misty-eyed love letters to my athletes more often...because they work! 

BG kept her feet up - my heart was all a-quiver - and then slayed the SunTrust Care First Blue Cross Blue Shield Rock and Roll USA Nation’s Capital Half Marathon (I fondly remember when it was simply "The National Half") on Saturday.   PR'd, felt great, averaged her goal pace + one measly second, done, dusted, moving on to bigger things that go by the acronym IMCDA.

In fact, after much data crunching, BG reported that she PR'd her 4 mile, 8k, 5 mile, 10k and 10 mile times on the way to PR-ing 13.1 miles, and - in the last 5k of the race no less - missed her 5k PR by 23 seconds.  Of course BG followed this pronouncement with an undeniable train of logic:

A) This is an awesome state of affairs.
B) Her former PRs were very old or garbage.
C) Now she wants new PRs.
D) Ironman doesn't care how fast she runs a 5k.

So the question remains, phrased in LSAT fashion: if all of these options are correct, which option is most correct?


Jon The Long-Distance Sherpa also PR'd, by a whopping 13 minutes.  For those of you following along at home, that's just under a minute per mile.  I'm going to take (a wee bit) credit for that one.

Here's the lovely couple after the finish, trying to determine who is the racer and who is the sherpa when they are both sporting shiny new finisher's medals and PRs.

[FULL DISCLOSURE: I have absolutely no right to take credit for Jon's PR.  That'd be Eric.  The teensy bit of credit to which I might have a murkily tenuous claim would be his last two big workouts, one of which he completed at BG's side, the other of which he completed in solidarity where he lives, both of which I wrote.  He says he liked them.  My theory: of course he had to run fast and train hard, in the process preparing him well for this race, because who likes to be unmanned in front of their own girlfriend? Cuz then you lose the "who's racing, who's sherpa" argument.]


I almost forgot!  My dear friend Emily, of pink boa and wedding fame, ran her very first ever half-marathon at the same race on Saturday.  Which of course means, she set her half-marathon PR!

Emily has always been super supportive of my own craziness, so I can't help but return the favor and announce her achievement to my loyal readers and the world at large.

What is Emily's next goal?  To run the Marine Corp Marathon in October.  Ooops, sorry Em, it just slipped out, I guess now you have to run it :)

It looks like I have created THREE monsters.


Beth said...

I think you will find that ALL of my logic is undeniable.

Jon said...

Yes, 4 x 15 mins @ <7 mins/mile hurts like a #*$&*# !!! But! It totally prepared me for 1 x 92 @ slightly over 7 mins/mile.

We swear you and my coach are in cahoots over scheduling our workouts. They magically line up in terms of days and times?


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