Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bueller? Bueller?

Now that I've admitted that I have fatigue and opened myself up to the idea of a bit of recovery, I am examining past errors with the help of a sponsor....Wait.  No.  Wrong blog.

I am dealing with the weird phenomenon known as "I'm recovering, why do I have to train?"

You laugh, but it's real and has been documented by reputable and published scientists.  Or at least by me.

Training during recovery weeks, despite there being less of it, is harder.

Today, for instance, someone *cough*Zebra Poacher*cough* decided part of my schedule was a nice little 40-ish min run with some short efforts to keep my legs up-to-date.  My mind = not interested.  My body = not amused.  My reaction = "That is the hardest run I've done in a while.  Thank goodness it's the shortest run I've done in a while."

It's like a switch was flipped as soon as I accepted recovering into my heart.  On Monday, I looked at Tuesday's workouts and laughed at their puniness.  On Tuesday, I looked at Tuesday's workouts and shuddered in terror.  My mind is totally ready to watch TV.  My body is totally ready to wear sweatpants and not work(out). 

I cannot be the only person who experiences this phenomenon.

Anyone?  Anyone?

Ok, just lie to me.

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