Saturday, April 7, 2012

Three Strikes And You Get A Measly PR

I'm going to look into my crystal ball and go out on a limb here and say that USATF is never going to come knocking on my door to fill a lane at the 5k event in the Olympic trials.   

This morning I ran my third and last little community race of my running-only season.  Kids, the Easter Bunny, a search for little plastic eggs, and two laps around the driveways of a Texas state mental hospital.  So much fun and a only 6 second PR.  Because there were still 2.1 miles after I ran the first mile in my third-fastest recorded mile time ever.    

What I lacked in pacing while running fast, I more than made up for in comedic effect of running like a three-legged dog and sounding like a three-legged dog with one lung.  Oops, I think that smell of smoke was my race pictures meeting a match.

I completely embrace the need to train fast running and to run fast.  I even...kinda...enjoy these little episodes of pain and quasi-blacking out.  And who couldn't get behind being done in 20 minutes and home before I would normally wake up?  But laps around a mental hospital are just not where my meager talents are put to best use.  

You know what I mean.

But I've learned a whole heck of a lot in this little running season of mine.  Like the faster you run, the sooner the pain stops.

In other news: the Flopper ran today and finished without crying.  A hearty way-to-pull-up-your-big-boy-pants to him.  And a woman one age-group above me said that I look an age two age-groups below her.  Bless her.  I guess all those Diet Coke preservatives I drank in college are paying off.

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