Thursday, November 1, 2012

Butt Meet Saddle, Rubber Meet Road

Where have I been you ask?  Right here.  Why?  Where have you been?  Ok, yes, I have not posted recently, ok, yes, for 6+ months, which always spurs my parents to call and make sure I am still alive (does anyone else blog for its built-in Alive-O-Meter utility?) and a few sweet friends to email to see what exactly is up.  Wonder of wonders, I have more human interactions when I don't blog...But really, life has been flowing along, just pretty mundanely.  

Chop wood, carry water, eat, obsessively watch Olympics coverage, chop water, eat wood, obsessively avoid any coverage of the Presidential race.  Pa Support Staff blew through the joint in May, I relocated to Wisconsin for several weeks in July, Ma Support Staff came to Austin in September, and now I'm 4 weeks into an extended Tramp Trip north of the Mason-Dixon Line.  Plus my Command Module (laptop) had to visit the Mother Ship (Apple) for multiple stay-cations.  I have not yet discovered the secret to blogging via smoke signal, which is unfortunate because I was in the middle of writing this now-very-out-of-date post when my laptop first went tits up. 

Late rather than never, here ya' go...

This past Monday (edit: April 23) I had my follow-up meeting-of-the-minds with John Cobb in Tyler, Texas.  Previously I have called this trip to East Texas a pilgrimage, and that's not hyperbole.  I look forward to all that he will make better, all that I will learn in the process, and all the in-progress creations I will beg him to hurry to market.  [NOTE: At the time I was referring to the Gen2 saddle and Cobb-designed tri-shorts, both of which are now available, thankee.]

Entering the back of that used car dealership is like walking backstage on a T.V. show entitled The Hobbyist Meets The Mad Genius Meets The Irreverent Pragmatist.  Nothing is off-limits to reinterpretation or sacrosanct against obsolescence.

Alas, John is but one man, and there are just so many fun problems to solve, so we all must wait patiently, and often in pain.

The shot across the bow, so to speak, indicating the Cobb-Cycling-to-come is this, the coolest t-shirt design I have seen in quite some time.  Wit without saying a word:

The Cobb Cycling team has some pretty potentially jaw-dropping advertising in the works.  The campaign visually represents how I have described riding his creations and I am totally jazzed to see it - and the reaction - but also far too self-conscious to wish to be a part.  You'll see, I hope...well, you will if John gets his way, which he usually does as long as Ginger's not involved.

In the meantime, several of my friends met John at IM Texas.  He was in The Woodlands to introduce himself to, and thank, anyone riding a Cobb saddle   My friends were very impressed - which is what I've been saying they should be all along.

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