Thursday, December 6, 2012

I Pray For Global Warming On Sundays

Lately I have been doing my long rides on Sundays.  Since I'm up here in Wisconsin, I'm taking it one day at a time whether I ride outside or inside.  So far the weather has held extremely well; only one ride inside since October 22.

This past Sunday, the weather was particularly agreeable - especially considering it was the 2nd of December.  I rocked out in a long-sleeve jersey, gloves, and a thin vest, mostly to zip up during the long, 3-5 mile descents around Blue Mounds State Park, and zip down when I turned around and doggedly ascended those descents.

It was so nice that I finally stopped and took pictures at the all the places where for the last two months I have been thinking "I should stop and take a picture."  Photo Credits © Global Warming

The Horribly Hilly Hundreds is a local bike ride of...many horribly hilly miles.  The stretch alongside this sign leads up the backside of Blue Mounds State Park, the peak of which is just right of the tree branches.  It's not the steepest local hill or the longest local hill, but I'm pretty sure it's the longest and steepest local hill.  Chicago's summer Olympic bid centered the road races around Mt. Horeb and this Park.

The idyllic hill-side dairy farm straight off the side of a milk carton.

Somewhere in this picture is a deer.  Or two.

I will always stop to take pictures of perfect reflections in water.  Always.  I drew the line at hiking down to the waterline in my bike shoes.

A corner ridden from dark into the light, at speed.

A leprechaun-green S-curve on a running trail, when the rest of the trail looks like this ↓.

A hundred-year old barn and silo, its ceramic-coated cement blocks glinting bronze in the late afternoon sun.

I did find snow, man-made on top of a ski hill.  The weather forecast says it will be joined by real snow this coming Sunday.  It seems my prayers have run out.

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