Monday, December 3, 2012

What Could Be Better Than Cookies?

Spreadable ground-up cookies, of course!

Loyal reader and my second-favorite government employee, BR, recommended to me a delicious snack product, Biscoff Spread.  His recommendation was so strong he actually took me to a grocery store to buy me my first jar.  And then I had to go back and buy a second jar to take pictures, because it was so good the first one didn't last until the photo shoot.

What is Biscoff Spread?  Literally spreadable ground-up cookies.

Biscoff comes in smooth and chunky, but as with peanut butter, the correct choice is crunchy.

How does one enjoy Biscoff?  On everything.  Himself a formidable cyclist, BR enjoys toast with Nutella and Biscoff together, and although I didn't try that, I imagine a human body could power itself for a goodly number of hours on such a calorically dense snack.

Nutella and Biscoff have pretty similar nutritive value - which is to say, sugar and fat.  One is chocolate-y and hazelnut-y, one is cinnamon-y and kind-of-like-the-crunchy-part-of-a-Kit-Kat-y.   Both are delicious and excellent consumed on a spoon, straight from jar.

Now if someone would just put it in a gel pack.


Beth said...

*cough* gel flasks *cough*

Kelzie said...

I don't know if I would be able to get it in - let alone get it out! Biscoff Spread consistency is like that of commercial (non-separating) peanut butter.

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