Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Spoon! A Spoon! My Kingdom For A Spoon!

Over the course of February I settled into a tolerable, but unrelenting training load.  When did I realize this?  When I reached for spoons mid-week and found none.  When I started dishwasher loads comprised entirely of spoons and bowls.

Turns out my training load is inversely proportional to the number of bowls in my cabinets and spoons in my silverware drawer.  You could steal most of my knives and I wouldn't notice.  I use perhaps one or two forks a week.  But spoons, my beloved spoons, are the workhorse of my kitchen.

And bowls.  What cannot be eaten out of a bowl?  If such a food unicorn exists, it apparently doesn't get made in my kitchen.

Unfortunately, like hotdogs and hotdog buns, my spoons and bowls are available in uneven quantities.  At a particularly low point I drank chunky soup out of my last clean bowl.  Just one more spoon...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

For Sale: Somethings Old, Somethings New, Nothing Borrowed, Two Things Blue

When I get in the right mood, I am a unsentimental dervish of pairing down and donating to Goodwill.  My loss, your gain, so on, so forth.

From my equipment stores I am selling a combination of items that are completely new, and that could have a second life.

All prices include slow-boat, but well-packed shipping to purchaser.  Email me - kebeebe at yahoo dot com - with interest, questions and offers.  I have additional pictures for some items.

Newton Women's Motion (Stability) Trainer, Size 9.5

Never used, or even put on feet.  Includes laces and liners, but no shoebox.  $125 OBO ($175 new).

De Soto Forza Tri Short, Womens Size Medium

Never worn, one pocket (as shown in photos), draw-string waist.  $70 OBO ($74, price-tag still attached)

Shimano TR-52 Triathlon Shoes, Mens Size 40

Worn 3 times, twice indoor and once outside, for a total of 10 hours, all in dry conditions.  Surface scratches on toe and heel risers, slight dirt stain on outer-most edge of inner lining.  Cleats not included.  My previous pair of Shimano TR-51s I wore for 4 years of hard riding, so this pair still has PLENTY of life left.  About 1457 days worth.

$150 OBO ($189 new)

Shimano Ultegra 11-25 Cassette (CS-6700)

10-speed, unused, still sealed in plastic.  $75 ($105 new, price-tag still on the box)

Shimano Dura-Ace 11-25 Cassette (CS-7900)

10-speed, so unused the factory tape seal on the box is still intact.  $200 ($250 new, price-tag still on the box)

Shimano Ultegra 10-speed chain (CN-6700), Two

Will sell separately or together.   Both new, still in wrapper.  $35 each ($50 new, each, price-tag still on boxes)

Shimano Dura-Ace 10-speed Crankset (FC-7800)

Chainrings are 53-39, cranks are 170 mm, no bottom bracket included.

Ridden 3+ years, with regular and appropriate maintenance.  The crankarms have comestic scratches and scrapes, removing part of the Dura-Ace decal, but there is no structural damage and the chainring teeth are straight.  I took it off my bike because of an SRM swap, not because this crankset was worn and/or unusable.  Have lots more pictures of this item.

$150 OBO (New ~$500)

Giro Advantage 2, Size Small
Includes CPSC sticker required for all USAT/WTC races.  Never worn in an accident.  Decorated with silver "Accelerade" decals down both sides of the tail.  Ear covers have customary cracking that all Giros seem to get when you put pull apart the covers to put the helmet on and take it off.

$35.00 OBO (New $165)

Bontrager RL Pro TT

Ridden once, for about an hour, on a trainer.  Never even been outside.

$70.00 OBO ($89 new, price-tag still on display hanger)

Specialized Phenom Gel 130

A gel-tipped mountain bike saddle that I used for triathlon with much comfort.  Ridden twenty months, trainer and road, I'm guessing 8-10,000 miles.

$40 OBO  (New $100)

Specialized Avatar Gel 130

Never ridden, but it has been put in a seat clamp so the rails have a few marks.

$75.00 OBO (New $90)

Beaker Concepts Inc. H.5c (for Cervelo) HydroTail with 2 Specialized Rib Cages

One of only several rear hydration systems compatible with Cervelo seatposts.  Includes the Beaker Concepts tire/tubular strap, and all required hardware.  Made of aircraft-grade aluminum.

$25.00 OBO (New $49.95)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Four Years Of Do-Nothing Dictatorship

Two Mondays ago President Obama was sworn in for his second term.  Four years ago I watched his first inauguration in-person, just a few weeks after I had started working with my first triathlon coach.  At that point I was just coming to realize how many changes I would be experiencing under the new regime.

Until that point I had been entirely self-coached and probably chronically over-trained.  I still remember writing my new coach an email early on, incredulous that he was having me train (relatively) so little and that I was still getting tired and that I started making gains.  That email reflects equally on how oxygen-deprived my life was before his dictatorship and how much I would learn from him (and his successors).  My training, combined with life, had produced an on-going fog so thick it obscured just how close to the edge I constantly strayed.  Somehow I never fell (seriously) in.

Over the past four years, some of us have been plotting a course for a country and some of us have had our (training) course plotted for us.  I haven't completed secret or proprietary workouts, used especially high-tech equipment, or even been threatened with time in the gulag.  I've done less, and far more often than I was, I've done nothing.  Case in point: I've had one complete day off, every week, since 2011.  Man was I unsure.  Boy did I get antsy.  But when Stalin said sit on the couch, I bet people sat on the couch. 

With the fog clear, I've been able to take account what not to do, rather than what to do, and when to do the not doing, and how to do the not doing when doing the not doing.  However, there is a lot of doing to go along with that not doing.

Are we better off as a country?  Not even going to touch that with a ten-foot pole.

Am I better off as an athlete?  You don't have to hold a diet of gels and water over my head, for me to say yes, definitely.
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