Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Haute Cuisine

I frequently get asked about my training and race (meaning when actually in motion) nutrition.  Here it is.

A Moveable Feast

Since this is a picture of a 50lb. bag of granulated, unflavored maltodextrin (the highly processed sugar of corn) milled at a plant in Iowa, you can understand why my answer is often met with a combination of bewilderment and disbelief.

I take a certain mass of odor-less, taste-less, pure-carbohydrate white power, mix it in a certain volume of water to a certain dilution, and drink a certain volume of the diluted mix every 20 minutes while moving.  It doesn't even taste sweet.

My tolerance to Iocane powder is inconceivable!  [Sorry, had to.]

When sold as Carbo-Pro in triathlon stores, two pounds costs $30-40.  I bought this 50 lbs. bag for $100 and it lasted me 3 years.  Because it doesn't really have most of the normal properties of sugar until mixed with water, bugs don't even notice it.  [With these facts in hand, it shouldn't really surprise you that maltodextrin is the #1 sugar additive to cereals.  Cheap, caloric, easy to store, tastes like whatever you add to it.]

For those who think that I can eat whatever I want because I am "always working out,"  3-5 meals per week consist of 24-72 oz of this - a tasteless, clear liquid only slightly more viscous than water - and water.  Not quite 3-Michelin-Star dining.

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